Scarlett O'Hara(non-registered)
Hi Richie,
Gorgeous. You have captured the beauty in nature. I am happy that you now have an opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and enjoying your retirement. See you soon at the reunion.
Mr. Joseph Viola(non-registered)
Richie, Glad you are on the mend. Perfect timing for your new "business and love."
Will need to have you back to the Car Club and tell and show us some of your exciting endeavors.
We will have to do lunch again soon...until then Be Well. Regards, joseph sk,sk
Doug Todd(non-registered)
Richie - Great work! We need to sit down and compare notes.

Daniel Kaye(non-registered)
I love your work and would be honoured to have a few hanging In my Canadian home. How does one purchase them ? Your Bro from the Great White North , Dan
Wow, you have a lot of new photos. I love the wild horses and the rodeo prints. I really enjoyed browsing the site and looking at the recent as well as the featured. I must find a spot on my wall for one of them.
colleen dunn
Hi Rich! This is Colleen! I was so glad to have found you, if not just by accident. I didn't realize you are friends with Omar. It is so good to look at your beautiful work.

I was just talking about our peace river adventures and the night that we camped above the alligator and the cow that peed behind our tent. We always had a good time. My dad, Curt passed away and Pat lives in Franklin, NC. My husband Kim's brother was chief at Miramar and now is assistant chief at Davie. Please keep in touch and I'll keep enjoying the photos. Much Love, Colleen
I really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. I just have one question "where's the cow". Maureen AKA Moe
Rick Edwards(non-registered)
Great pictures Richie! Best of luck at your show
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