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Welcome to Richie Hayward Photography. After 29 years in law enforcement in South Florida, I have retired to Jonesborough, in Northeast Tennessee and rekindled my love of outdoor photography. Retirement has given me the opportunity to do some traveling and make photographs of some the great wildlife and scenics from North and Central America.
I hope this site allows you to enjoy the beauty that this planet has to offer. For me this an ongoing journey and passion to pass along what still remains

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Richie Hayward served in the United States Air Force as Weapons Load Crew Chief on F4 Phantoms in Southeast Asia. After returning, he spent almost 30 years in Law Enforcement in South Florida. After surviving that, he resumed his passion for outdoor photography and began traveling across North America, Central America, South Africa and Scotland. His work is best described as "Eclectic" as he enjoys all the outdoors.

He has made two photo safaris to South Africa to photograph the endangered Rhino, Elephant and Cheetah as well as many others.

Richie uses all Nikon equipment, some of it a D-90, D-700, Nikon 14-24 mm, 80-400 mm and 18-105 mm. It's like Chevy vs Ford, just a preface, as both Canon and Nikon are excellent.
Richie now resides in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the oldest town in Tennessee and the Storytelling Capital of the World.

Richie exhibits at Jonesborough Visitors Center, Jonesborough General Store and Eatery as well as Rouge Salon and Gallery in Johnson City, Tennessee.





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