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Just to change things up and let you know what I've been up to. I have a brand new DJI Phantom 3 Pro Quadcopter and it's light years ahead of the one I purchased a year ago. So attached is a short 37 sec video that I made a couple of weeks ago.

The video would of been worthless, had it not been for Ron Zucker and his editing skills. Check his videos out on You Tube at Ron Zucker

Ron and I will be going out regularly to find new venues here in NE Tennessee and North Carolina. Just click the link below and give us some feed back





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Hearld and Tribune Story Good Afternoon All,

I attached a link to a story on yours truly from the Herald and tribune here in Jonesborough

 It was an honor to be asked for an interview. Also, within the next month I should have four images from Jonesborough displayed at the First Bank of Tennessee in Jonesborough. If you can't wait, my exhibit is still running at the Millennium Center in Johnson City until July 8th

Have a Great Day 

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Richie Hayward Photography Exhibit I will be exhibiting 25 images at the Millennium Center in Johnson City from Noon today until July 8th. Please stop by and see or purchase some of my best images. Stayed tuned for a future Meet and Greet Day Dreaming Cowboy This image was made at Monument Valley-John Ford Overlook in Utah this past summer Ford used this area for many of his John Wayne movies to include Stage Coach  

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Featured Image of 2014 CowboyCowboyCowboy at John Ford Overlook, Monument Valley This image was taken at the John Ford Overlook in Monument Valley, Utah. Movie director John Ford made many classic Westerns in Monument Valley to include Stage Coach and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, both staring John Wayne. This shot of the Cowboy was taken at one of Ford's favorite places and reflects a time gone by.

This image is for sale and please contact me for pricing and it will be available in canvas wrap

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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The Trains are Coming For you train buffs, the 630 will be rolling again Saturday, April 5th and Sunday April 6.

It will depart Bristol on April 5th at 8:00 for Radford, Virginia and on Sunday depart Bristol at 9:00 AM for Bulls Gap, TN with a short stop in Johnson City. There are numerous photo ops along each route. This is a great opportunity to photograph a vintage steam Locomotive, not to be missed. The 630 steaming through Jonesborough

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New Images Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just a note to let you know what's up. First, Thursday, February 20, 2014, I will be having an Artist Reception at the Johnson City Senior's Center from 1:00 PM to3:00 PM at the Memorial Park Community Center in Johnson City. My work will be exhibited until March 4th and I will have prints as well on hand for the reception. Take a long lunch break and stop by.

On my website I have opened a new Gallery-Refractogrphy. These images are created by photographing light as it reflects off of glass. The images are some of my first attempts and I need names for some. Feel free to suggest titles. Any success is to be attributed to Rob Turney for his advice and know how. Check his images out at I have a long way to go.

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming events Jelly Fish of the DeepJelly Fish of the Deep

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